“Bee in the Buddhas Head” Poetic Words of Wisdom!

These poetic words of wisdom were written around 8 years ago when I first decided to create lyrics to influence people with positive inspiration. It’s about being yourself but also knowing that you are an evolving life of love & compassion. Not allowing negative perceptions of others to keep you from achieving your highest dreams! No matter how dark or depressing life might seem sometimes there are always better days ahead when you open up your infinite imagination and illuminate your experiences with gratitude & bliss! Please check out the poetic words I’ve written below the image of Buddha.

Just buzzing around experiencing the moment with the sun upon my face.
Flying through the cosmos at an exponential rate in this mysterious place.
Opening my head and heart to a new day of a compassionate and loving way.
Working relentlessly for the sweet honey so I can achieve my fruitful oasis.
Literally Beeing myself into a new existence of love and peace.
Soaring through the desert sands I seek a spiritual Egyptian truth.
The Sun God Ra is flowing tears of bees throughout this desert beach.
Keep on developing my higher self and illuminated state of mind.
Nothing will keep me from this glorious dream of mine.
The galactic hive of truth and love lies within this heart and soul.
Start buzzing around and becoming whole by developing your own.
These fruitful days of sweet ambrosia are here to stay.
Just Bee Bee Beeing myself no matter what they say.
Nothing will keep me down and out of place
So get used to this magnificent face.
Even when the darkness falls and things don’t seem to go your way.
Open your mind and seek a beautiful new day.

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